Filling out the RFI

The RFI is a long form that helps set up your account profile. You will need to complete the RFI for each Spotify account you are a vendor for in order to receive POs and submit invoices.

Asset 3

Contact Information

Spotify Entity

The Spotify Entity you are billing to.

If you are unsure, please reach out to your Spotify contact for clarification.

Supplier full legal name

Your company’s full legal name Supplier company website: Your company’s website, if you do not
have one put NA.

Primary Contact

This will be a point of contact at your company for general communication from Spotify.

Primary Address

You must enter your full business address.

Ship From Address

If you have a different ship from address, please enter it in this field.

Billing Information

Invoice currency

The currency you will be invoicing Spotify.

Email for POs

This is a email contact from your company that Spotify will be sending purchase orders to.

Who is your Spotify contact

This should be the Spotify employee you have constant communication with.

This should not be the Vendor Master Analyst employee contacting you about registering for Coupa.

Payment Terms

Spotify’s standard is Net 30

Tax Information


This identification number will be determined by the location of your company’s registration.

Vendor Category

Please use the dropdown menu to select the category that describes the services your company will provide to Spotify.

DUNS Number

If applicable, please enter your Duns & Bradstreet number. If you do not have one, please leave this field blank.

Tax Classification

The tax classification of your company.

The Organization Type

This will be the organization type of your company.

Federal Tax Form

Please attach your W-8 or W-9 tax form, if applicable.

*Note: This will vary from country to country. Some fields may not appear depending on where your company is located.

Bank Information

Payment Type

Select the payment type eligible with your account.

Supplier Information Address

Enter your banking details
below. Click “Add” if the fields do not appear.

Bank Name

Bank Address

The full address of your bank

Bank Account Name

The account holder’s name. I.E. Test Company, Inc.

ABA/Routing Number

Swift/BIC Code


If you have more than one bank account that Spotify will be remitting payments to, please click the “Add” button to add more banking information.

If you clicked Add by mistake, simply click the red X icon to delete the extra box.

Submitting the form

To submit the form, click “Submit for Approval”

Coupa will do a quick review to ensure no required fields are missing.

If there are fields missing, it will be highlighted in red.

Pending Approval

If no fields are missing, the form will be submitted and you will see the status as “Pending Approval” at the top of the form.

Editing the form

If you notice an error in the form, click on the “Withdraw” at the bottom of the form.

A popup will appear, click “Ok”

This will open the form again to edit.

Make the necessary changes and click “Submit for Approval” once the changes have been made.