Supplier Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Spotify Supplier Code of Conduct!

This is how we roll.

At Spotify, our goal is to be as open and transparent with our business partners as possible. Our culture, our reputation and the vibe of our work environment are made up of how each and every one of us acts, talks and behaves, every day.

This is our Supplier Code of Conduct (the “SCoC”), it is based on our policies and our values (innovative, collaborative, sincere, passionate, playful). Most importantly, it is based on these three main rules that we live by:

  •  Do the right thing. Always act with honesty, integrity, and reliability. Keep moral and ethical standards sky high.

  •  Be nice. Treat people with dignity and respect, regardless of who they are and where they came from. Stay decent and courteous in all relationships.

  •  Play fair. Don’t cheat. Be careful to balance the interests of all groups (stakeholders, artists, users, employees and the general public) when you go about our business.

  • Our SCoC defines the basic requirements expected of our suppliers and third-party intermediaries concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders and the environment.

  • Download a copy of our SCoC:

  • – SCoC (English version)

  • – SCoC (German version)

  • – SCoC (Japanese version)