CoupaPay Virtual Payment Cards

CoupaPay Virtual Payment Cards

Spotify is excited to launch CoupPay Virtual Payment Cards; a new payment channel, available to new suppliers working with Spotify’s US business effective 25 January 2021 and UK and Australian businesses effective 28 January 2021.

CoupaPay enables Spotify to provide payment to suppliers on approved invoices via virtual payment cards. CoupaPay allows for a more seamless supplier set-up experience to get suppliers set-up for purchasing faster. It is enabled by Coupa and American Express® world class payment platform and security. Read on to learn how the process works, access the application form and support resources.

How it works

Step 1: Complete the CoupaPay application form & Register for the Coupa Supplier Portal

Complete, sign and return the application form to your Spotify business contact. Next, sign up for the Coupa Supplier Portal; this is how you will view purchase orders, invoice Spotify and check payment status. There is no cost associated with the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Spotify will review and validate your company information. If all is in order you will be set-up for purchasing in Coupa within 2 – 5 business days.

Step 2: Receive your purchase order – it’s time to start business with Spotify!

Once the Spotify Vendor Master Team has confirmed that you are set up for purchasing, you will receive a purchase order authorising you to commence work.

Step 3: Submit your invoice to Spotify

Create your invoice via the Coupa Supplier Portal, or through the create invoice link in the purchase order email. The invoice must meet Spotify’s requirements for invoicing or will be disputed back for corrections.

Step 4: Get notified

You’ll receive an email with the virtual card. If the payment is >USD$20K it will be via secure email.

Step 5: Charge your card

Charge the virtual card received via email just like a physical card using your existing merchant account. Payment will be available within 24 to 72 hrs based on your merchant agreement with American Express or payment processor. You can also go to the payments tab in Coupa to see the payment status under invoice payments.

Frequently asked questions

If I do not accept American Express can I still opt into CoupaPay? Spotify has partnered with American Express to facilitate CoupaPay virtual card payments. You may extend your merchant relationship to include American Express by calling 800-445-2639, or visit [My Account/Merchant Home/Accept Amex]. Alternatively, you may register with Stripe or other payment processors.

How is the credit card number supplied to me? The virtual credit card will be sent directly via secure email to the virtual card recipient email supplied during onboarding. The email will contain a reference to the invoice(s), an image of the credit card details and the amount the card can be redeemed for. If the payment is greater than USD$20K, the card will be sent via secure mail. The subject contains: ‘Action Required: you have an American Express payment that is ready for processing’.

What point of sale devices can be used to charge the card? You will charge the virtual payment card just like a physical card using your existing merchant account.

What are the fees involved with CoupaPay? There are no fees charged by Coupa for the CoupaPay service. You will use your current American Express merchant number to process the transaction. The current American Express fees under your merchant arrangement will be applicable to these virtual transactions as well. You can discuss existing merchant fees by calling 800-528-5200 or email at

Can I opt out if this payment channel doesn’t work for my company? Yes, you can elect to change your payment preference. To opt-out you must contact coupa- to inform Spotify of your decision. Once the request has been received, our team will send your company a Supplier Information Management (SIM) form to complete. The form must be computed in full and directly in Coupa. As this process requires multiple processes to occur one after another, this may delay the issuance of payment. Payment terms of Net-30 will still apply unless agreed through contract. When switching from CouaPay to bank transfer, all invoices created prior to the request will be paid using CoupaPay virtual card. All invoices after the change has been made will follow the new payment method.

Can I have multiple payment methods depending on the services/ goods I deliver? No, Spotify permits a single payment method per supplier.

Can there be more than one virtual card recipient? No, there can only be one virtual card recipient. For this reason we recommend providing an accounts receivables general email.

Can there be more than one purchase order recipient? Yes, once registered for the Coupa Supplier Portal you can add additional users to view the purchase order online.

The Spotify entity I am contracting with is not available in the application form, what do I do? Unfortunately this means CoupaPay is not yet available for that entity. Contact your business contact for other onboarding options.

Why is my email encrypted? For security purposes, emails for payments over a certain threshold will require you to create a login and password. Please keep this login information so you can open payment emails for payments over the threshold that you may receive in the future.

What name and address do I use for the account? Use the company name and address. This should be found on the payment notification. If the address is not readily available contact

What if I receive a decline from an authorization attempt? First you must check that you are authorizing the correct virtual account for the permitted charges and values, as specified in the payment notification. If the transaction continues to decline contact

What if I get authorization approval but cannot settle the charge? Your bank/system processor can walk you through the settlement process, and can assist you with any system issues.

What if I accidentally charge the wrong amount? The virtual account number is only valid as stated in the received payment notification. You may process a refund against the original virtual account number, but you cannot charge it again.

Additional transaction processing tips

  • Process the transaction within the agreed date range for authorization–this date range may have been communicated to you on the payment notification. Attempting an authorization after the date range will result in a decline. If these dates have not been provided or have been exceeded contact

  • The virtual account number will allow you to charge the payment notification or invoice amount if it has been approved for payment, including tax amounts, if applicable.

  • Follow all special guidelines provided with the payment notification.

  • The payment notification may include payment for more than one order or invoice.

  • Authorize and request settlement only for what has been agreed with your customer.

  • For each partial payment, ensure you obtain a new authorization approval code.

  • Do not settle without an authorization approval code. This is against credit/charge card regulations and can result in a charge back.

  • For Additional FAQs and help resources visit the Coupa help center